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City break extensions

Extend your trip to Stockholm with a wilderness experience


Reindeer trekking

Trekking with reindeers

Together with native Sámi guides and reindeers, we explore the Laponia world heritage.

Without trails we move in a landscape unspoiled by humans.

As the reindeers carry most camp equipment and food you don't need to be a trekking expert.


Trekking from base camp

Same as above, but a little bit more comfortable.


Springtime migration with reindeers

Since time immemorial the reindeers has migrated from the mountains in the Summer to the woodlands in Winter.

Follow the reindeer herders when they slowly moves the herd from Winter to Summer land.

Skiing, walking, riding snowmobile and reindeer sled, we move in the pace the reindeers sets.


Reindeer sled Mid winter

This trip takes you over the mountains. This is a true "slow adventure", with lots of time to explore the wildlife of northern Scandinavia in the Winter together with a lot of Sámi culture.



Walking trips in Swedish national parks

Abisko 5 days

A five day walking trip from rich birch tree forest to the barren mountains.


Three National parks 5 days

Walking on easy trails, this trip offers the best of nature in Lapland.


Sarek Expedition 6 days

A real expedition for the more advanced trekker. No trails or cabins and a hilly terrain,

but a magnificent landscape with the best possibilities to spot the big predators.



Skiing the way you like it

As winter season is from November 1st to April 30th in this area, north of the Polar Circle we produce a big variety of ski trips. Downhill, X-country, Heli-skiing, Randonné, Snowboarding ......., whatever we will have a product.

Please contact us for further information.


Fishing and hunting in Europe's last wilderness

Taylor made trips on request


Dog sled tours

Short trips in Kiruna

One hour to a day.

Dog sled in Laponia 6 days

Experience being in a book by Jack London


Kayaking / Rafting in Lapland

Karats and Peurare

A ten days canoeing trip in pristine lakes, close to wildlife.


Kayaking on the lake system of great Lule river, 6 days in the wilderness.

Tailor made Kayaking trips, during season July - August.

Please contact us for further information


Snowmobile Safaris

Tailor made during season  December - May.

Please contact us for further information


Whale spotting in Norway

Orcas in Tysfjord, October - January

Sperm whales in Andenes, all year

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Some of the trips are certified as ECO-tourism by "Natures best" Read more ››